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CuernavacaHappiness is living in Cuernavaca
It is known as "the city of eternal spring" (so named by Baron Alexander von Humboldt, due to its pleasant climate during much of the year. The city of Cuernavaca is located in the northwest of the state of Morelos and has an area of ​​151.20 square kilometers, equivalent to 2.95% of the total area of ​​Morelos in this city you will find attractive and important sites in the state and country, among them is
QueretaroLiving in Queretaro is Prosperity
The meaning of Queretaro has two versions: A purépecha which means "place where the ball or ball game is played" and the other Otomi, which means "place of stones". This state was inhabited in 1446 by indigenous Otomi and Tarasco. During the first decades of the colonial period, Querétaro was one of the wealthiest and most important cities of New Spain, as it marked the limit of what they called the civilized world to the colonizers.

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